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Hands | DBSK

Title: Hands
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Jaejoong/Yunho
Rating: PG
Summary: Yunho's hands demand attention.

Yunho’s hands are worthy of admiration; long, just on the wrong side of delicate, they demand attention. Jaejoong has watched them for years, seen them elongate through Yunho’s bumpy teenage transition, remembers their nails chewed to the quick before the regular manicures finessed them after debut. Yunho is often forgetful with them, doing ordinary tasks like scratching at dandruff, picking off the produce labels on apples, and splitting tangerines with careless mundanity. But when he dances, then they snap and twist, reach for the stars or smooth the rim of a hat. Jaejoong used to dream about them, hopeless, passionate fantasies that faded into massages after a hard practice, brushes of lint off his costume, and firm handshakes, brotherly fist bumps.

Reality is beautiful, too: Yunho licking off spilled kimchi jjigae with a sheepish smile.
Tags: (dbsk), pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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