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Enough | DBSK

Title: Enough
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Jaejoong/Yunho
Rating: G
Summary: AU. In the army, Jaejoong performs at a music festival and meets Yunho, an old flame.
Notes: Based on true events. This was originally shared on dbsk_flashfic, but I couldn't resist re-posting here.

In the baking heat, the audience wavers – both a mirage and an oasis. Jaejoong squeezes his toes against the hard, unforgiving soles of his army regulation boots. He has missed the spotlight although the routine of regular meals, exercise, and the sound of snoring bunkmates has lulled him into a fresh-faced complacency that he hasn’t felt since he was a student.

Yunho is sitting underneath one of the tents. His back barely moves, stiff in a red uniform that reminds Jaejoong of the Nutcracker, but the man’s face is open and his eyes are kind although they don’t focus on him exclusively. They drift, from Jaejoong, to the other performers, to the sky. Yunho looks older but well-rested and it may be the fever that gives him courage, the army that gives him an excuse, but Jaejoong goes to the tent to greet him.


Yunho blinks rapidly as if he doesn’t understand the words that are coming out of Jaejoong’s mouth but the expression clears, too fast to be interpreted further, and he says, “Jaejoong.”

They talk. Jaejoong with his wide smile and loose limbs, Yunho with a small curl of lips, the lower one still pliant and inviting. Jaejoong can’t help but squeeze Yunho's arm a little when they part and Yunho does the same. They promise to text each other, but Jaejoong doesn’t hope, just basks in the moment and stores it away: a happy memory.

Jaejoong says to himself “It’s enough,” with red in the corner of his eye, and his heart agrees.
Tags: (dbsk), pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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