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Not!Human Universe
Loosely connected one-shots dedicated to the premise that nations are not human.

Anniversary | America and England build a relationship together. PG-13 | @usxuk
Hearth | Nations don't have houses. America has a fondness for picket white fences, or England buys into the American dream. PG
Gift | England visits America at the White House for Christmas. PG


1936 | Before World War II, America and England correspond via letters in preparations for the 1936 Summer Olympics hosted by Germany. PG-13
Las Vegas | America watches England in the rain. PG-13
Flight | England needs to run an errand, but his colony won’t let him out the door without a fight. G
Condiment | America offers England coffee in the morning. It’s a bit bitter, but he has the perfect sweetener. PG
Good Things | Nekotalia!AU. Tom the cat is spending a lazy afternoon on the porch while his humans tidy up the house when he spots a trespasser. G
Bora Bora | There are certain risks England doesn’t want to take with America and others that require a little persuasion. R
Mother | America has one name. PG
Stratagem | AU. In Victorian-era London, Lord Arthur Kirkland is searching for a boy. R
Casanova Incognito | Student!AU. Arthur’s being annoying wooed by an idiot in a Captain America costume. Said idiot also happens to drag him to a Halloween party. PG
Scenes From a Revolution | Vignette. Colonial America rebels. G
The Mobster | AU. In 1920s Chicago, war veteran Arthur Kirkland meets an intriguing man who pulls him into the city's crime world. PG-13

Note: As of 2011, most drabbles written exclusively for dbsk_flashfic are no longer archived by the author at aquietword.


Family | Yoochun becomes an SM trainee in 2003. These are his letters home. G
Christmas | Jaejoong tries to convince everyone to move in with him. G
The Boy in the Well | Jaejoong explains JYJ. R
Keepsake | Changmin learns their apartment in Kanagawa is up for sale. PG-13
Bachelor | AU. In the future, Yoochun writes to Junsu. PG
No Deal | AU. Yunho meets an idol trainee living on the platform end of a Seoul train station. G

Black Tattoos | Jaejoong walks away. R



Coda | Jaejoong and Changmin let go of Yunho. PG-13

Motorcycle Gang! AU

Determined | Changmin isn't just the shy student at school anymore. PG-13 | @ dbsk_flashfic
First Kiss | Jaejoong teaches Changmin how to smoke. PG-13 | @ dbsk_flashfic
A Day in the Life of Kim Jaejoong | Meet Kim Jaejoong, rebel and gang leader. R | Prequel to Determined & First Kiss. | @ dbsk_flashfic



Z103 | AU. Z103 has been functioning for two weeks. He is the first of this kind to do so. PG
Spellbound Series | Part 1, Part 2 | AU. Vampire hunter Changmin enslaves Yunho. PG-13



The Affair | AU. Jaejoong takes off Yunho's wedding ring. PG-13
Reality | AU. Jaejoong did not expect this type of relationship. R
Hands | Yunho's hands demand attention. PG


Crimson | After the filming of Vacation, Jaejoong needs help taking off his makeup. NC-17
Fray | Pre-DBSK breakup. Winter is coming and certain things are unraveling. G
Natures Of A Lesser Deed | Jaejoong gets smashed at a karaoke bar. PG
The Importance of Marrying Well | AU. Junsu wants to help Prince Yunho. Too bad he only has the power to make people fall in love. PG-13
Fade | TVXQ and Jaejoong are in Shanghai for their respective fanmeets. PG
Yours | Future AU. OT5-ness. Jaejoong turns over his thoughts, like smooth stones on the beach, and writes to Yunho. R.
The Laurel Tree | AU. Prince Jaejoong's cold heart is changed by a stranger he meets under the laurel tree. PG-13
Liaison | In Kyoto, Yunho and Jaejoong hold onto each other. R
Enough | AU. In the army, Jaejoong performs at a music festival and meets Yunho, an old flame. G



Bonnie and Clyde | JYJ. Junsu wants out of TVXQ. PG


Bar! AU

Second Go | Co-workers Changmin and Yunho have a chat. Yunho/Changmin. PG | Takes place after "Stage Fright."
Stage Fright | Changmin gets over his stage fright. Changmin/Yoochun. Implied Yoochun/Jaejoong. PG-13 | Prequel to "Second Go."


W | JYJ in Peru. Jaejoong is the only one who sings it. Jaejoong/Junsu. Implied Jaejoong/Everyone. R



Drabbles, One-Shots, & Multi-Chaptered Stories

First Impressions | Kris meets Tao. G
Six Dates | Part 1, Part 2, TBC | Tao agrees to camouflage Kris' relationship with his girlfriend by "going out" with him in front of the fans. Things get complicated when Tao realizes he has feelings for Kris. R



Dandelion | Luhan smiles like a dandelion. PG


Coffin | Sinbad was ever-present in a way that other people were in sole small bursts. When he fought, he was brilliant, an orange sun rising in the darkness. Judal could stare at him for hours. PG-13.


Sunburst | AU. After the end of the unit, Tsubasa and Takizawa meet routinely at a bar. PG


Serpent | AU. You can send frost away, if you give it form. Thor/Loki. R
Festival of Light | Pre-Thor. Thor and Loki hunt a white stag. PG


Merry Christmas, Mr. Brooks | Barnaby spends Christmas Day. PG

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